Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wantful - Thoughtful gifting!

This past Christmas, my friend Lindsey and I exchanged gifts... but we did something a little different!

We both sent each other a Wantful gift.  Wantful allows you to create a custom gift catalog (with all items falling in the same price point) for your recipient.  You can fill out a quiz which helps Wantful select items for you, based on your recipient's personality and likes, or you can choose items yourself.

I was able to customize the message and design of the catalog, and the entire thing was beautifully packaged and sent.  I really loved receiving mine in return; I could tell that each gift option was hand-picked for me, and it was really hard to choose!  But in the end, because of the choices, I ended up with something I could really use and love.

You can choose from cookware to gourmet foods to accessories to charity donations.  I really enjoy the selection, which is always changing.

I highly recommend Wantful as your go-to for the people in your life who are toughest to shop for.  It is an elegant solution, and your recipient is bound to end up with something they will love.

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