Friday, October 12, 2012


Antique Archaeology
Duke and I drove up to Iowa to celebrate the wedding day of two wonderful people, HD and KH!!!

We stayed at the posh Hotel Blackhawk, which was conveniently walking distance to all of the festivities.  Our first night, we grabbed dinner with friend CP/HP at Front Street Brewery.  Their sugary sweet potato fries tasted like funnel cake... delish.  Then we met up with the bride & groom (and more friends) at Barrel House 211 for drinks and a bit of college nostalgia.

The next day, Duke and I indulged in a little Chipotle (and spotted the ladies of the bridal party doing the same!) and headed out to see the American Pickers' original shop, Antique Archaeology in LeClaire.  It was very small, but had quite a few tourists milling about.

Then it was wedding time!  The lovely ceremony and reception were in one place, the River Music Experience.  Everything was so personalized to the bride and groom, so you know that everything had their unique touch.  It was so good to see my college friends after over five long years, but we talked like nothing had changed at all!  I loved having a chance to reminisce.  We even had a bit of an after-party together at Blackhawk Bowl & Martini Lounge, in the basement of the hotel.

I am privileged to have such phenomenal friends.  For real.  These people kick butt at life.  And they are MINE.  :)  Oh, and KD and HD made me an honorary "groomsman" of sorts by adding me to the wedding party photos.  I was totally OMG-over-the-moon.

I had a blast this weekend, and loved introducing Duke to my friends... but that long car ride back home was brutal, and I was relieved to be back in my own bed!

Me & Duke

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