Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eating #Chicago

Yum... I'll regret that later.
Apparently, I don't buy groceries anymore, because I'm always on-the-go!  Work took me to Chicago twice in two weeks, but I wasn't complaining.  I mean, I got to shop at Zara and H&M!  But being the foodie I am, my inner fat kid was in paradise in Chi-town.

For one of the trips, I stayed at the swank W Lakeshore, which was conveniently located to our work functions at Navy Pier.  We definitely had some great wine and cocktails at the hotel bar, and I treated myself to a dessert martini that was the perfect nightcap.  Two other great drink/appetizer spots we hit were The Hubbard Inn (super loud but great for people-watching and match-making with the upwardly mobile) and at the top of the Hancock building at Signature Room at the 95th.  (I drank a Skyscraper; it seemed appropriate.)

View from the Signature Room
I ate a couple of times at Navy Pier, including Harry Caray's Tavern (American pub food) and America's Dog.  The hot dog I had included bacon and macaroni & cheese.  Doesn't that just scream AMERICA!  (And obesity... which is the same thing, right?)

I had fantastic steak dinners on both trips.  We had a feast at Chicago landmark Tavern on Rush, and I loved the dessert at Nick's Fishmarket.  Both had delicious filet mignon, which I ate at the perfect medium pink.  Nick's also served me a creme brulee trio... totally after my francophile heart.

But perhaps one of the best dinners we had was a private tour we scheduled... a Chicago Dine-Around progressive dinner!  We boarded our bus (with engaging tourguide) and explored Chicago at night, plus some fun trivia.  We had Mediterranean appetizers at Reza's, chicken parmigiana and penne pomodoro at Scoozi, and Asian fusion desserts (mochi!) at Ai.  Everyone had a blast, and switching restaurants encouraged people to sit by different folks each time, so we got to know each other a little bit better as we interacted.

Mediterranean at Reza's

Dessert at Ai... mochi!


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