Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gleek Peek: Breakup

Okay, so I forgive Glee for the crap it was last week...  because THIS. EPISODE. WAS. GLEE.

I mean, I was so emotional watching this thing... it was so real and refreshing!  The music was awesome!  The storyline was poignant and raw!  It all worked!

Look, it's called Breakup.  But I can't spoil it for you, just know that there are couples on the show that don't make it to the end.

Songs I'll Download:  "Give Your Heart a Break", "Teenage Dream",  "Don't Speak", "Mine", "The Scientist" #Glee

I just have to leave you with this video... this depicts everything that it was.

P.S.  I stopped watching Project Runway.  It isn't on Hulu and that is basically all I watch.

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