Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

My friend JH, her daughter EH, and dog Cookie were passing by on a long road trip, and they decided to crash at my apartment along the way!  It was a hot weekend, but I really enjoyed spending all day Saturday with them.  (I visited them last November in Texas... remember?

We woke up bright and early and got some breakfast at Dotson's Restaurant, then headed to the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere.  It was incredibly hot, but we wanted EH to get a chance to see the animals.  She loved the fish in the small aquarium the best, but she also got a look at the elephants and giraffes.  (Giraffes are still my favorite zoo animal!)

Love the fishies!

Then, after a little nap, we went to the swimming pool at my apartment complex.  EH is such a water baby!  It was so fun to see her try to swim.  Even at 18 months, she is fearless about it, and she's always love bath time.  I was also impressed by her sign language; she is too young to do more than babble, but JH has taught her some ASL for "more", "please", "all done" and even "bath" that really made it easy to know what she wants.

Swimming with Aunt Aubrey

We also had some funnel cake at the Bluegrass Upon the Harpeth festival we happened upon in downtown Franklin.  It was all so exciting for EH, and she had a blast.

I'm sad I only had a day with them, but they'll be back through for one more night on their way home.  Can't wait!

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