Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I have been very excited to see Pixar's latest feature, Brave, ever since I saw the previews.  Since Duke is a huge Pixar fan, I waited anxiously until his visit to see the movie, but allowed myself to read some of the articles about the film.

Wow... so many people slammed Pixar for the movie, saying it lacked plot, had an anti-feminist/feminist/gay agenda (seriously guys?  KIDS movie), and more.  But I went into it with an open mind.  (Except that I got stuck watching it in 3D... I always prefer 2D because I think the colors are more vivid, and 3D seems gimmicky to me.)

I loved it.  I laughed, and I cried.  Sure, there were the cheap kilt-joke laughs.  And the animation was in a different style than previous Pixar endeavors.   But I loved the mother-daughter story, which is what tugged at my heart.  It was so familiar to me, so relatable, and I wished I'd seen it with my Mom!

You should see it.  I'm getting it on Blu-Ray as soon as it's released!  And between Merida and Katniss, I feel the need to take up archery...

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