Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cheekwood Treehouses

It has been raining cats and dogs here in middle Tennessee, and we needed it!  It was so dry during the 4th of July that fireworks (aside from the professionals) were banned outright for fear of fires.

Weather forecast ignored, Duke and I decided to head out to visit Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art.  There was an incredible treehouse exhibit going on (continues through September 3rd), which had seven creative, interactive outdoor "houses" based on works of literature.  Fortunately, we had the sun on our side as we explored the grounds (and the art museum in the mansion) and enjoyed the gorgeous grounds.

Statue garden?

The Jolly Roger
The Walden treehouse (the most traditional of the exhibit) and a nearby stone cottage really inspired us. I've always wanted a treehouse, and we both love the look of wood and stone.  It's fun to talk about what kind of pretty places we build in our imaginations!  (The houses nearby the gardens were also really fun to look at... lots of interesting architecture to take in!)

Walden Treehouse

Stone Cottage

As we finished up our visit, the rain started to come down.  I drove us to Centennial Park, so Duke could see the scale replica of the Parthenon there.  It's really impressive, and I think he was pleasantly surprised!  We didn't get to go inside because they were closing, but we may return sometime.

Then it really started to pour rain, so we ended the evening with a shopping trip to Cool Springs Galleria and a delicious dinner at J. Alexander's.  We were going to watch a Netflix movie at home after, but instead we got caught up in TLC's "Undercover Boss".  Anyone else seen/love that show?  Funny and touching at once!

Not a bad way to spend an unpredictable weather day in Nashville!

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