Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What about Glee?

"Aubrey, what happened to your weekly posts about everything GLEE???"

Honestly, while I enjoy watching the show every week, I've been so busy that I haven't really thought to update my thoughts on the show. I rarely get to watch it when it airs, so I feel like updating late just kind of misses the point. The show isn't coming back on until April 19th, so we have a while before another new episode... maybe I'll get back into it.

What have I liked lately? Gwyneth Paltrow's return, as well as Rachel stepping up her game! I've really enjoyed a lot of the songs, even though I think the original songs were just 'okay'. I loved the drinking party episode, and Rachel was awesome in it. AWESOME. Sue Sylvester is awesome as usual, but she could step up her game a bit and be more evil. Cameos: Gwyneth, John Stamos, Kathy Griffin... LOVE.

What have I disliked? I'm sick of the Warblers. Blaine was cute and all initially, but let's just drop him already and get Kurt back to McKinley High. Also, what's up with Emma? The Will/Emma storyline is a lot like the Luke/Lorelei storyline from Gilmore Girls, it's going to be played out over and over until we scream "ENOUGH ALREADY!" (Note: I was a HUGE GG fan and even got to visit the set before it was cancelled, though the Stars Hollow outdoor set was closed for filming that day. Still crushed I missed out on seeing it.) I'm a big fan of John Stamos on the show, and I don't see how Emma could choose Will over him. I'm also a fan of a Holly/Will romance, so let's do it already! Also, what about Santana losing her mojo? I'm fine with her loving Brittany, but she needs to continue to be the conniving, evil biotch I've grown to love.

Basically, I want everyone to stay in character, sing songs that aren't over-produced, and continue to have awesome cameos by famous people I like. Can you hear me, Fox?

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