Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birthday Presents!

So I had a most excellent birthday last week, and I must admit that it was a rather practical birthday in terms of gifts... to my delight! Now I know I'm getting old. Some of these gifts I received outright, some I purchased with giftcards, but all are things I love!

Paula Deen Recipe Journal - DW and SW got me this, autographed by Paula at The Lady & Sons in Savannah! Can't wait to fill it with my recipes and notes.

Aurora Desktop Shredder - I had a pile of paperwork to shred, and no shredder. Perfect, and practical! Has a cute spot in my office.

Rowenta Stainless Steel Iron - I do a lot of ironing now that I have sewing for a hobby! Mom said to get a Rowenta, so when they sent me a giftcard, it's the first thing I picked out! I also got a new ironing board from Walmart.

Krups Spice Grinder - Okay, so it's a coffee grinder. But I got some awesome whole garam masala from Spices Etc., which needs to be roasted then grinded before use. This will come in handy for my whole spices! I don't drink coffee, so no risk of any morning surprises. :)

Fiskars Rotary Cutter/Mat - JH told me I needed this for cutting sewing patterns. Should save me a LOT of time!

Paula Deen 17-Piece Cutlery Block Set - This set is actually sold out most places now, but it is amazing and includes a Santoku knife. LOVE how sharp these are, and the chef's knife is my new best friend! I needed to replace my old set, and this was perfect.

Williams-Sonoma Antibacterical Cutting Board - My old plastic boards are cut up, meaning they could be harboring bacteria! I thought about a wood butcher-block style board, but the reviews showed that there tends to be warp, they need mineral oil care-taking, and aren't dishwasher-safe. This one was different, so I figured it's worth a try!

Garlic Press-Slicer - How do I not own a garlic press already?! I am a garlic fanatic, so this was a no-brainer. I chose this one because it has both a press and slicer. Perfect!

Chef'n Citrus Juicer - Normally, I just halve citrus and squeeze by hand, like Giada does on TV. But I don't feel like I'm getting all the juices that way!

Goldtouch Cooling Rack - I don't have a cooling rack, and I need one. I am constantly baking, and this would help a lot! I feel like I sometimes burn the bottoms of cookies by leaving them on the hot pan to cool. This will also rock over a cookie sheet for GLAZING!

I think anyone would agree that I was a VERY spoiled girl this year!!! My friends and family were way too generous, and I love everything I got. I know they are practical gifts, but they are exactly what I wanted.

I'm already getting ideas for Christmas... Sur La Table is my new favorite website to drool over! Doughnut pan? Cake stands? Metal measuring cups and spoons? Or an awesome waffle iron? :-) Too bad birthdays only come once a year!!!

[Later... I am placing bets I don't make it until JULY without those things finding their way into my house, let alone Christmas!]

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