Saturday, March 5, 2011

I love my iPhone!

A couple of weekends ago in Nashville, I finally joined the smartphone bandwagon... I bought an iPhone.

I. am. in. LOVE. How did I live without this thing before? I was a text-messaging fiend, but I could never get online. Now I can use my bank's app to deposit checks (amazing!), stream movies using Netflix, sync to my MacBook for iTunes, calendar, contacts, and photos... I am inseparable from my phone.

For my fellow smartphone users, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite apps!

For shopping, I can't even begin to say how awesome apps are. Amazon, Gilt, Rue La La, and HauteLook all have apps. You can also get Groupon and LivingSocial deals through your phone. If you have a Kroger card, you can use their app to load coupons to your keychain, and Food Lion's app shows what's on sale at any given time. Everything is at your fingertips! I also love getting recipe ideas from BigOven, Epicurious, Whole Foods, and AllRecipes to add to my shopping lists.

My #1 app, of course, is Facebook. I was a Facebook addict before, but now I can get my updates instantaneously. This one is self-explanatory.

GroceryIQ is an app that has replaced the Post-It note grocery lists I used to make, then curse when I would accidentally leave them at home or in the wrong purse. Now, as soon as I notice I need something for the house, I can add it to my list. You can even scan barcodes! I wish it didn't make me enter the prices myself, but since prices vary by store it is nice to have a portable list with me that I can always update, with items sorted by section.

Lose It! is an app I have had on my iPod Touch for a long time now. Over time, it actually helped me lose 17 lbs; now that I have gained some weight back, it is my go-to again to get back in shape. Lose It! takes your weight loss goal and gives you a set number of calories per day to eat. When you add exercise, you get to eat more calories, and it tracks your progress. It is very simple, and has a lot of restaurant/brand name foods already built into its database. I know that calorie-counting isn't the best way for everyone to diet, but what Lose It! does for me is hold me accountable for my snacking/eating binges. I choose to focus on my meals rather than chomping food mindlessly in front of the TV.

Ringtone Maker does exactly what it says... makes ringtones. I can use the (unprotected) music from my iTunes and let's me create ringtones for my phone. It's really great, because it's all FREE. Imagine the money you can save, instead of buying them for $2 each.

I have SO many apps on my phone, and I haven't even mentioned games. But these are a few that, aside from Facebook, you may not have heard of. I'm learning new things about my phone all the time! Are there any apps out there you think I need?

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  1. Hey Aubrey! You need Words with Friends! It's basically scrabble. You just create a user name and then you find other users to begin a game. My user name is avester8809. It's really fun. I have several games going on right now. Jon got me hooked on it and then Derek and I started playing it too. I have since spread the love and have several games with friends going on right now. You should also get Shazam which is for when you don't know who sings or the name of a song.


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