Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summertime: @20SB Blog Swap #9!

When you’re younger, summer means the world to you. From summer vacations, to playing in the swimming pool, to not having to get up at 7am for school at 8. When you are a kid, summer vacation means the world to you. So what happens when you’re an adult? When college is over, there are bills to pay and vacation is only the two days a week you don’t have to get up at 7am to be to work at 8.

Hi my name is Sarah Hall, and I am Aubrey's blog swap partner for 20SB's Blog Swap #9! I'm the blog author of The Crazy World of Sarah Hall.

I graduated college over a year ago, and this was really my first summer being spent as what I call an “adult.” Summer as an adult though doesn’t have to be boring. It can still consist of vacations, swimming pools and at least for two days a week not having to get up at 7am for work at 8.

The summer for me always starts in May when it officially hits 100 degrees in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The summer started off for me with moving. My husband and I moved out of our old duplex into a new one to help out a friend for a couple months. The London Bridge Resort here in town, where my mother-in-law works, opened a new slide and pool area. So my husband, roommate, and in-laws went swimming at the pool one day. Cory and I took a week long summer vacation in California. I went camping for the first time ever; got to touch the Hollywood Walk of Fame; we went to Six Flags and even made an unplanned trip to Hurricane Harbor which extended our vacation by an extra day. A little over a month later, I went back to California with my mom to visit family. And the summer ends the way it begins – with me and my husband moving into our own place September 1st.

So even as an adult, summer vacation can be filled with adventure and fun. So just because most of us have graduated high school and are close to or already have graduated college, summer can still be fun. The days of being able to sleep till noon 7 days a week for a good two months are over, but no one is ever too young to have a fun filled summer.
Thanks, Sarah!
You can see my post on Sarah's blog HERE.

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