Friday, August 12, 2011

Project Runway: #PR9anthonyryan

(Every blog post, I'm going to include the hashtag for my favorite designer of the week!  And, as always with my TV review, SPOILER ALERT!)

My favorite looks!  Credit
It was a group challenge this time, outfitting models on stilts!  Sometimes the challenges are gimmicky, and I really want to see more ready-to-wear clothing... but group challenges are so interesting to watch.  The group challenges really force the designers to clash, because each designer is so (generally) narcissistic in their feeling that they are the best/expert/genius, resulting in the biggest conflicts and drama.

The pairings just seemed so lopsided.  There was the supposed dream team of Anya/Olivier, the latter who won immunity last episode.  Then there were some really explosive pairings.  Viktor/Bert resulted in a tense episode for those two...  everyone else was relieved not to work with Bert, because he is a TERROR (so arrogant!) and I can't believe I loved him so much in the first episode.  But the WORST pairing was Fallene/Bryce, because they have both been in the bottom before and it was depressing from the beginning.  Bryce's outfit was one of the worst last week, but Fallene really failed him in the team effort.  Boo.  She just GAVE UP.  FELL APART.  Cried on Tim Gunn.  BLAH.

The rest of the pairings had arguments/conflicts, but those designers never really interested me to begin with.  With this challenge, I really had a difficult time seeing the total outfit on the mannequins... usually I have an idea of what's going on before the runway show, but this episode focused on the personal conflicts instead of the design it seemed.  I had to wait for the runway show to give my opinions, but I had a feeling Fallene was headed home even before then.

My favorite designer, Anthony Ryan, was paired with Laura Kathleen... and I really had high hopes for them.  They are both good designers, so I felt it would result in an upset against Anya/Olivier.  That said, I immediately liked the Joshua/Julie matador outfit.  It was really fitting to the competition, I felt... great detail on the jacket and the black/white vertical stripes REALLY played up the stilts.  Anthony/Laura had a great outfit, the red was stunning, and the feathers were very couture.  I didn't like the clear fabric on top, I wish it had been more translucent, but it was definitely one of the best.  SO many of the outfits were BLAH though.  Really... just didn't like it.  It's the group challenge problem, the visions don't mesh and result in chaos.

I was really surprised that the judges didn't like the matador look, but it was a bit costume vs. couture.  I didn't think it was 'tacky' but cool.  I didn't agree with Danielle/Cecelia's chiffon outfit being so great.  I'm glad they agreed with me on Anthony/Laura.  I'm glad they won, and I'm proud Anthony Ryan basically was responsible for Laura getting immunity by praising her on the runway... he hasn't had immunity but has always been in the top, so he is just winning more points in my book.

I can't believe Bert threw Viktor under the bus on the runway.  They fought the whole time, and Bert wouldn't own up to choosing that hideous fabric.

Side note: I LOVED Heidi's look at the outdoor runway show!  All black, with a tight but beautiful updo...  gorgeous!!!

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