Friday, August 19, 2011

Project Runway: Nina Garcia's Challenge #PR9viktor

Becky's Look, I would wear it! credit
This week on Project Runway, the designers had a DAUNTING task... design a day-to-night outfit for Marie Claire's Nina Garcia, who is also one of the show's judges!  Nina has a VERY particular style... very monotone, geometric, no prints, tailored, and so on.  She was an extremely tough client, and the designers were visibly stressed!  I didn't have time to rate all the outfits, so the ones who were "okay" aren't really mentioned here.

I had high expectations for Anthony Ryan this time... and was SO disappointed.  When he and Becky picked the same fabric, I assumed he would 'school' her in its usage.  But I HATED his look and actually think it belonged in the Bottom 3 this week.  The skirt kept bunching and seemed ill-fitted, and the look was boring.  Becky's dress is one of the ones I would actually wear myself, which shocked me!

Cecilia seems have caught the Fallene disease.  Her "woe is me" defeatist attitude the entire challenge was painful to watch.  Her work was hideous, and I really thought she would be eliminated, not Julie...  Julie's exit was surprising to me.  I knew she wouldn't make it to the end; everything she has made seems the same combination of athletic wear and asymmetric cuts.  I don't doubt her talent, just her ability to hang on Project Runway.  But she really wanted to be there, and Cecilia should have done the right thing and requested to go home instead of Julie.  I have a feeling all the other designers hate her for not doing so.
I was disappointed in Anthony Ryan. credit
Kimberly finally got some good screen time!  She was the challenge's winner.  Kimberly is known for her awesome tailoring of pants, but this time she tried to go in a different direction with a dress... only to have Nina steer her towards pants again, which led to victory!  Good for Kimberly for creating a ready-to-wear look that suited Nina and looked great.   She even styled her model like Nina, which was a smart move!  It wasn't what I would wear, but that's not the point for this challenge.

I liked Viktor's futuristic separates piece the best.  It was the winner in my mind.  I can't understand how everyone like Anya's jumpsuit; the accessorizing with the belt was all wrong.  The color was improved for Nina's tastes, but I don't see why Anya is such a fan favorite except for the fact that she's beautiful.
Viktor's Look credit

A controversial part of the show was a few of the designers "helping" each other.  Viktor in particular was miffed by this.  Laura helped Anya a bit (though from what I could see, it was mostly advice and basic cutting, not sewing) and Cecilia helped Julie.  I am happy Viktor didn't rat them out; he was right, their lack of sewing skills will shine through eventually.  No one likes a rat, and it's better to have Tim Gunn discover the unfair practices than lose popularity amongst the designers.

Okay, so here's the rundown...  I think Viktor should have won, Cecilia should have been out, and Becky kicked Anthony Ryan's butt with that fabric.  Also I still don't get why everyone loves Anya so much.  There you go!


  1. For some reason I just don't like Viktor. I think he is just annoying and a Mondo wannabee with his personal outfits.

    I also didn't know why designers helping each other was such a big deal, its not like it hasn't happened before on the show.

  2. Viktor and Bert annoy me. Ugh. I just like the one outfit he made for Nina, and that's it. He has an annoying face (like a sad basset hound!) and seems to always be scowling or pouting. BOO.

    But I will give him props for the black suit.

    I don't know what the rules are for helping each other. It has happened in the past, and I think it's actually good that they learn to collaborate or else group challenges will continue to suck! So long as a designer finishes their look, more power to them, they can help each other because it's working against themselves in a way. Who cares? :)


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