Monday, August 29, 2011

Real Housewives: Joe the Jerk, Teresa the Delusional #RHONJ

Caroline and the Manzo kids credit
A couple of things stood out to me in the most recent RHONJ episodes.

The Manzo children work hard.  I appreciate that!  I know they get a lot of financial assistance from their parents, but it is not simply a handout kind of thing.  Caroline didn't just buy Chateau Salon for Lauren; Lauren had to go through beauty school and pass in order to build qualifications to work as an aesthetician.  The Manzo boys grew up working at the Brownstone but want to make their own name, selling BLK black water.  (Jacqueline's husband, Chris, is their investor.)    These kids have good ideas, make it happen, and I'm glad to see they aren't lazy rich kids!

Joe and Teresa need a reality check.  Joe's texts to Joey about his 'fake wife' are ridiculous.  Joe Giudice is a bully and a jerk.  The Gorgas are actually trying to work things out with Teresa for the sake of the kids/family, but Joe is getting in the way.  I can't believe Joe threatened Joey and told him not to go to the book signing, when Teresa asked Joey/Melissa to go.  Joey loves Gia, his goddaughter/niece, and he wants to be in her life.  In Gia, you can really see she adores her uncle.  Joe is a drunken idiot, chipping his tooth and acting a fool.  Teresa was right to be embarrassed.  Joe is feeding Teresa poison about her brother.  It's ridiculous.  Teresa thinks Melissa is poisoning Joey?  She's got it backwards.

Teresa doesn't know how to pronounce 'ingredients' and last episode called a 'Nor'easter' storm a 'Norwegian'.  I don't buy this whole cookbook thing, because I don't think she cooks outside of the show!  Also, her children behave terribly all the time... she needs a nanny.

Teresa's book signing looked sad.  Who promoted the event?  It was practically empty.  I'm glad Kathy went to the book signing, and it meant something to me that Kathy had a copy of the book from when it first came out.  It seems like she legitimately wants peace.  I'm glad Joey/Melissa showed up, and it was really nice of him to buy a bunch of books to hand out to people that Teresa autographed.  It was reasonable of Joey to ask that Joe not threaten him.

Seriously, this fight between the Giudices and Gorgas should end.  And the fault/blame, IMHO, is all on the Giudice side.


  1. I didn't watch last night, but last week's theresa and joe behavior blew me away. I especially loved her being a raging bitch at Kathy's tasting party. Oh and the fact that she said "they won" their case. Ummmm how does being found liable for 260,000 equal winning??

  2. I know, Teresa is not bright, and her husband is even dumber. Come on, being found liable means you LOST and your husband was GUILTY of those forgeries! I really think Joe has Teresa's little head completely brainwashed. That or she is just naturally vapid and delusional.

    I hated Melissa/Joe initially, and now I love them!


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