Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dance Moms

This morning, I woke up way too early to the sounds of my cat trying to wake me up.  I ignored it... until I looked at my bathroom floor.  I won't get into it, but it was one of those messes that makes you reconsider pet ownership.  I think almost every pet owner has those a few of those moments, but I will say in the past 15 years with Cally the cat I haven't had very many.  Ugh.

So it's 7:30 am and I'm sitting in my living room, still kind of groggy and probably in need of a nap... time to see what's on the DVR!

The other day I was watching a preview for the Lifetime reality series Dance Moms, and it was like a car accident... I couldn't look away.  Abby Lee is this insanely demanding dance instructor, and the mothers of her dancers are DRAMA QUEENS.  I taped a bunch of episodes, and I am addicted.

These Moms hate Abby.  They love her reputation, love that her military-like style of instruction results in great dancers, love that their girls gain national recognition...  but they hate her as a person, and they are cutthroat in their efforts to make their girls #1.  Abby even ranks the girls against each other every week, which is kind of intense, but at least these girls are learning at a young age that you can't always be the winner and that hard work pays off.

While Toddlers and Tiaras makes you roll your eyes, Dance Moms is a whole different level of ferocious.  I will say that these girls are extremely talented, unlike those pageant dolls.  They even take voice lessons to try to become the whole package for Broadway/Disney/etc.  The girls miss SCHOOL to dance.  I can't say that I feel their mothers have their priorities straight, but it definitely makes for interesting television.

I will never be a stage mom like these women.  It makes you want to hug a child and save them from the crazy people out there that call themselves parents.  Yikes!

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