Friday, November 25, 2016

Pizza & Steak in Rosemont (Chicago)

I was in Rosemont for a work conference, which is a village/burb northwest of Chicago.  But being in the vicinity of Chicago, I felt like I needed to indulge in some good eats.  This was actually during the world series timeframe, so it felt appropriate.

Of course, I had to find deep dish pizza.  So I grabbed a Lyft to the local Giordano's outpost.

You guys, this was my first real Giordano's experience.  Looking back, I realize that Gino's East was the only place I'd eaten before.  I had eaten Giordano's here when someone ordered a frozen one, but everyone says that's not the same.

Yes, that's a salad.  I was starving by the time I got there, and the deep dish pizzas can take 30 minutes from ordering.  (You can call ahead, FYI.)  So I tucked in to their Italiano Salad in the starter size, to tide me over.  Eating something green made me feel slightly better before deep dish diving!

Pepperoni and pineapple are my favorite toppings on pizza.  Don't judge until you've tried it, it's amazing.  No, not ham and pineapple, PEPPERONI.  I got their personal size deep dish, and I'm so glad they offer it!  I really loved it.  The think the sauce, thick crust, all of it was perfect.  I love deep dish pizza, because it's like the whole thing is a fluffy crust.

So then two nights later, my coworkers want to go out to eat... at Giordano's.  How could I not allow them that experience too?  So I decided this time to try their spaghetti and meatballs.  HUGE PORTIONS.  As in, I couldn't clean my plate!  If I were at home, I'd have taken home leftovers.  It was so much better than you'd get at national Italian chains, from the sauce to the noodles.  I was in a carb hangover for DAYS after these meals.

On my other night in Rosemont, my coworkers took me to Gibsons, a high-end Chicago steakhouse.  It's one of those places that prints the menu every day because they offer specials flown in from all over, and they have that cool meat presentation tableside too.

Quelle presentation!

I can't eat a huge steak, so I always go for a filet mignon.  This one I had topped with roasted garlic, because it keeps vampires away and I love garlic.  It was perfectly cooked, exactly what I expected from a good steakhouse.  It wasn't over the moon exceptional like Wagyu, but it was at a lower price point than specialty filets, so I appreciated its tenderness.

Like many steakhouses, the sides are shareable.  My favorite side was their enormous twice-baked potato.  It could probably feed four people.  Can you tell how huge it is from the size of the spoons?  Hot, soft, like a baked potato and a mashed potato had a delicious baby.  (Insert Homer Simpson's salivating mmmmm noises here.)  Excellent.  They also had a reasonably priced wine list, of which I partook!  Gibsons is a solid choice for a good steak night.

If you eat poorly in Chicago, it's your own fault, because even the suburbs have great foodie spots!  Eat up, my friends!

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