Monday, June 20, 2016


I traveled to Cincinnati for work at the end of May, and it was my first solo trip to the city.  I've passed through Cincinnati with family and friends, but this felt a little different!  I actually road tripped it to boot.

Since I was staying for a few nights, I booked a spacious room at the Residence Inn downtown.  Located in a historic apartment building, they have large rooms that are actually suites, with a kitchen/office/living room, and a separate bedroom.  It felt like I had my own mini apartment.  I really liked my digs.

The other perk about the Residence Inn?  The rooftop bar, which is a hot spot for anyone downtown, Top of the Park.  Talk about a view!  And it was mine every day, if I wanted it.

It's also located across the street from a sweet little park, called Lytle Park.  I'm hoping to revisit the nearby museum if I come back to the area.

For one of my evenings, I walked from my hotel to dinner at Sotto.  If you blink, you might miss it, as the entrance is down in a little basement entry.  Once inside, you're in Italian food heaven.  I didn't have a reservation, so I sidled up to the bar, my usual m.o. when traveling solo.  I overheard someone say that the next reservations available were 9:30pm, on a Tuesday night; so I recommend you get a reservation if you want to go!

I just wanted to keep it simple that night, so I ordered their bread and olive oil, as well as rag├╣ bolognese as my main dish.  The pasta was so good!  I was scraping the bowl at the end...  meaty too.

On another night, I took an Uber to the hip Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.  Multiple people recommended The Eagle, which I learned was known for its fried chicken.  WINNING.

Being the wife of a brewer, I spotted 3 Floyds Zombie Dust on tap, so I did the right thing and got some to sip with my chicken.  I also ordered their macaroni & cheese, because that's basically a Southern vegetable when you're eating chicken.

Do you see this chicken?  See that skin?  Yowza.  It was served with a spicy honey, which blends with a fantastic sweetness with the salty chicken.  I got white meat pieces, and it was perfectly cooked.   Not overly greasy either.  The macaroni was creamy and good too; almost as good as I make at home.  I liked how they used a large, curly pasta noodle.

It was such a gorgeous evening in the OTR neighborhood, so I walked around to their boutiques and explored a bit.  From what I gathered, the neighborhood is not one you would have visited years ago; more recently, it has had a revival, becoming a very cool neighborhood not far from downtown.

Before I left OTR, I spotted a doughnut sign wearing a mustache.  Hello, Holtman's!  I was going to grab a traditional donut with sprinkles, but then I was tipped off by the gal behind the counter that I needed to try their Red Velvet donut.  She was so right, and that $1 donut was fantastic!

Cincinnati isn't the same city I visited when I was younger... it's better.  I hope I get an opportunity to taste (literally!) more of what it has to offer.

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