Monday, November 23, 2015

Silver Steer & Co.

I often post about shopping, but I don't often post about where I shop.  I've been so in love with Silver Steer & Co. lately, I just had to give it a mention here!  Silver Steer is a gift and decor store near my office, located in a mess of strip malls... but it's magical.

They had a Christmas reveal party, and look at the line!

When I'm shopping for gifts, this is the first place in Franklin that I go.  Their assortment of locally made goodies is just awesome, and they have a lot of Southern-themed items too.  They change their assortment frequently, and seasonally.

Right now, they're Christmas central of course.  I love that they have so many cheeky items to deck your halls, wear, or gift.  If I can buy you a gift from here, I usually do!

Their Christmas reveal party also had drinks and bites... including seasonal breads made from Soberdough mixes (a local beer bread mix company) and some pies from a new pie spot opening soon nearby, Buttermilk Sky.

I picked up quite a few items at the party!  I got 10% off my purchase, so I picked up some earrings I'd had my eyes on for a month, a tassel necklace (because look at it), a pouch that says "Every Day I'm Hustlin'" which lives in my purse, and a cross-body/wristlet purse monogrammed with my initials.  You can pick a bag from their collection and they will send it to be monogrammed, which a ton of options at your disposal!

We also have a "Hey Y'all" sign above our guest bed from Silver Steer, and some candles too!  Dan thinks the sign is obnoxious, but I love it.  I've lived in the South for 7+ years now, so I'm down with it.  And their candles?  Just wonderful.  They have seasonal candles too, and right now I'm loving Cinnamon Fireball.

If you're ever near Franklin, you should definitely check this place out.  It's not in the historic downtown area, but it's worth a stop on your way back to the interstate!

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