Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tempur Chocolate Shoppe

Tempur Chocolate Shoppe opened fairly recently in Germantown, and Lindsey and I had to give it a try.  After all, any place that focuses on chocolate, wine, and cheese is right up this French major's alley!

Tempur is adorable!  It has a great little bistro look and feel. The tables and space are a bit small, but there is great table service and lots of delicious options.  We decided to munch on the Tempur board (charcuterie, cheese, jams, and fruit) while drinking white wine.  I was very impressed by the cheeses!  Most of the time, I don't enjoy everything on a charcuterie board... but on this one, we finished everything but the strongest cheese! 

I really loved this creamy cheese they served that we paired with their creamed honey.  The fig preserves were amazing too.  It well-presented and explained thoroughly.  You could tell they put a lot of thought into the board!  It took about ten minutes to prepare, which they warned us about.  Everything is made to order, which I appreciate.

We headed up to the counter to sample some of the truffles and caramels.  If you're interested in something, ask them for a teeny taste, and they are happy to oblige.  It helped me pick out some goodies to bring home to Dan.  (The salted caramels are AMAZING.  Seriously, even Lindsey who isn't a huge caramel fan was OMGing over them.)

For dessert, I ordered a hot chocolate since it was National Hot Chocolate Day, and we both ordered the Dipped Rice Crispie.  All of the desserts are very reasonably prices, and once again made to order!  You can also choose which chocolate you want your items dipped in, which is awesome.  There was a bit of a mix-up with our desserts, but fortunately we eventually got them (and a little extra snack) after some time... on the house.  The folks at Tempur definitely know how to take care of you.  The hot chocolate was a little thick for my taste, but reminded me of the thick hot cocoa in Spain that you dip churros into...  maybe they should offer something like that to accompany the chocolate!

Tempur is the perfect place to wind down (and wine down!) on a girls' night.  The desserts are so good I wouldn't hesitate to stop in to take a few bites home either.  You should definitely check it out, if you're in the Germantown neighborhood.  It's located directly across the street from Germantown Cafe, and we found street parking easily.  It's worth the trip!

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