Monday, February 9, 2015

Kayne Prime

Dan and I are not into football, so during the Super Bowl we like to take advantage of the fact that the masses are at home in front of TVs and go out on the town!  Typically, we do an early Valentine's Day date; it's nice to go out to restaurants when reservations are plenty and the crowds are sparse.  This year, we splurged on a local steakhouse favorite: Kayne Prime.  Kayne Prime is one of the MStreet group restaurants, which have yet to disappoint me.  I'd been looking forward to this reservation quite a bit!  (Note: You'll have to pardon my photos, taken with my iPhone in the dim steakhouse mood lighting... they don't do it justice!)

First off, the interior is a dark, modern steakhouse feel.  Lots of wood accents on the walls, dim lighting, servers in butcher's aprons.  We were seated in a massive booth.  Our server, Nate, was top notch.  He knew it was our first visit there, and he made great recommendations and walked us through each course.  Dan started with a Maple Wheat Old Fashioned, and he had not complaints; he's a trained bartender, so I always trust his opinion.  I was intrigued by a sparkling Malbec on the menu, and it did not disappoint.  It's exactly what I imagined a dry red wine-turned-champagne would taste like, perfect for a steak pairing!

As an appetizer, we got the highly-recommended housemade bacon, served with black peppercorn and maple cotton candy on a little skillet.  Basically, it is two cuts of seared pork belly, which you slice and eat with the cotton candy.  The sweet and salty combo is incredible.  It's like what I imagine meat candy would be, in the best way.  Nate cut the cotton candy and bacon for us to show his preferred way of eating it.  When the meat was gone, Dan ate the rest of the cotton candy in one bite.  Delicious.  Ron Swanson-approved.

For dinner, we decided to order two different 6 oz. filets: one Prime cut with bone marrow butter, one Wagyu.  We both agreed that while both steaks were delicious, the Wagyu was more marbled and tender as Nate had described.  Definitely worth the upgrade!  For one side, we chose the cream corn brûlée, which has roasted jalapeno in it.  Nate tapped the top of the corn with a spoon for us and mixed it a bit, to show us how to bring the flavor.  He also recommended we eat it with the popover bread, which each person is served with the meal.  The popovers taste like fried bread dough; crusty outside and soft inside!  We also ordered the risotto tater tots as a side, and I loved those.  I had zero complaints.  The side dishes are shared, and I believe each side could work for a group of four people to split; we took some leftovers home because we wanted dessert.

Yes, dessert.  You know how I've been on a bread pudding kick?  Now it's a banana bread kick.  The server who brought our dessert menu recommended the toasted banana bread, which came topped with vanilla ice cream in a warm skillet.  Again, this portion could work for four people.  Except two people ate it all... LOL  Seriously good.  I may have to try to make banana bread in my skillet at home.  It was moist inside like bread pudding and very, very yummy.

Our meal was not inexpensive...  Three drinks (Dan had a glass of wine), appetizer, two steaks plus a topper, two sides, and a dessert, plus a tip for Nate, ran us just under $200.  $100/pp is probably a good rule of thumb.  Still, for a romantic night on the town, with great service and a TON of food (we had some sides to take home for leftovers) we weren't phased.  If you're a carnivore looking for a special occasion dinner in Nashville, this is where you need to be.  It's worth the expense for the experience.  I'll definitely be back, to try the other things on the menu I didn't get to this time; my coworkers have recommended the kale salad and the Brussels sprouts as additional dishes to try.

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  1. We definitely did! It was well worth the expense to have such a special meal in a great restaurant.


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