Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday Favorites, v.6

I have a lot of draft posts in the works, but this week I decided to focus on two things: family and homework!  I was able to spend the Christmas holiday (and my Dad's birthday, Christmas Eve) in Indiana with my family.  Sissy and her boyfriend joined us from Arizona.  It was a great time overall... so I haven't posted since last Friday's Favorites.  Hope you had some R&R too!

EXCITEMENT: Dan and I just booked our dream trip for 2015: Peru!  Machu Picchu has always been a big bucket list item for both of us, and now I can't get enough of reading about and looking at photos of our destination!

This cat is me, doing yoga.

Pretty sure I discovered this artist via Kaelah, but I seriously NEED one of their pieces
someday for my kitchen.  Because I make all the baked goods, right?

My cats run to the door when we get home from work... but this dog's happy dance upon hearing his owner coming is just to die for!

I want to make these Baked Eggs with Chorizo and Potatoes in my cast iron skillet.  Have I already posted this recipe link here?  Who cares, it's here again, with photo.  Because I love breakfast foods.

+  If this girl was left off the family Christmas cards simply because she's the only unmarried sibling, her parents should be smacked.  But then we might not have her hilarious single Christmas cards to enjoy.

+  So the Sony hack revealed that for the movie American Hustle, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams, who in my opinion both Jeremy Renner in that movie, were supposedly to be paid less.  Um, if the wage gap impacts JLaw, the rest of us ladies may be royally screwed.

+  JK Rowling wrote a bit on Draco Malfoy on Pottermore and I love it!  It's nice to hear from the author more of the backstory (or story in between the books and epilogue, in this case) and Draco is definitely a character that I disliked but pitied.

+  I am absolutely TERRIFIED that my attempt at the Disney Marathon is in about two weeks.  I think I'm stinking mad for signing up, even though I've done three half marathons since then and haven't run this much in years.  In fact, I never used to run more than 7-8 miles at a time, even in my college running days.  ANYWAYS, this blog's Disney Running 101 page is awesome, and I keep coming back to it.

+Flashback Favorite:  Here's our Christmas Card from last year, since I shared 2012's a week ago!

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