Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Favorites v.5

Happy Friday!  I may or may not keep up my regular posting schedule in the next week as I am taking time off for the holidays...  but here are a few favorites to tide you over until then!

These Green Army men in yoga poses, Yoga Joes by Brogamats

"Ear jacket" earrings like these from Baublebar...  I think they're awesome!

This piglet's adorable yawning!

I have had a crush on James Corden since I saw him on Doctor Who...
Then when I got to see Into the Woods at an early screening this week, I love him even more!
The movie is visually stunning, and everyone in it sings well.
(Rant: I love musicals and their movie versions, but I am still unhappy about Pierce Brosnan for Mamma Mia
and Russell Crowe for Les Miserables because, let's be honest.... no.)

This dog's prosthetics that help him RUN!

I'm looking into passport wallets for our trip this spring.  Love these from Etsy!
Passport Wallet // Passport Holder for Two

+  I'm half-Korean, half-white.. and so I loved this article about being "hapa" that my cousin shared on Facebook.

+  Modcloth has such great print dresses, which are appropriate for work to boot!  Cats! // Houndstooth! // Damask!

+  My friend Jenna makes the most BEAUTIFUL books.  You've got to see them to believe them.

+  I think it's so interesting people how people are wanting to learn more about J.K. Rowling's wizarding world, and that she keeps feeding us more info.  Love that she confirmed there were LGBT students at Hogwarts, saying, "Of course."

+  Flashback Favorite: My first Christmas card with Dan, in 2012, with our old girl Cally.  I rewore the sweater yesterday for a work holiday party.

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  1. Have you ever seen Gavin and Stacy? It's my all time favorite show with James Corden in it. He's not the main character, but I'm pretty sure he's my favorite!

  2. I actually liked Gerard in Phantom... and I think he would have been a better Javert than Russell Crowe. But then again, when I saw Phantom on Broadway the actor was not what I hoped/imagined, so Gerard was good in comparison.

  3. I think the problem is my Broadway phantom was not only unattractive, but had a weird way of playing the character and singing.

  4. The yoga army men! lol. As much as I love Disney, I am so not excited about Into the Woods. The only reason I'm going to see it is Meryl Streep because, well, Meryl.

  5. I didn't look at it as a Disney film to be honest... I saw it as a Sondheim film, and that made me excited!

  6. Love the "vintage Christmas card". I havent done one in a few years and that bums me out!!! I just always run out of time.

  7. We're way behind this year as it's been crazy, but we're sending out a holiday card as a "Happy New Year" sort of thing once I can get it all together.


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