Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Party

Dan and I were going to stay home on Halloween and watch TV, but then we got an invitation to a party... a costume party.  I was traveling for work the morning of Halloween, so we both had to throw something together the same day of the party.

I bought a wig at the costume store, deciding to be an Anne Taintor-style housewife, complete with labels saying "make your own damn dinner".  The wig was under $20, and I had everything else, so it was a total bargain costume!

Dan hauled some old Army gear out of the closet and went as my military bodyguard!  Coworker (dog) Allister was a fan.

It was a fun party in 12South, and it made us want to get our act together with some awesome costume ideas for next year!  Here's another snapshot of me and my bro MM as Waldo.

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  1. Wow, that's a genius costume! You look so cute in it, too!

  2. It was literally something I came up with that same day... I went from the airport to the Halloween store, where I was sorely disappointed with the selection. So I made do! :) Thanks!


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