Monday, April 21, 2014

My Life in GIFs, v.5

You guys.  The other day, I fainted.  I was out cold for 5-10 seconds.  So dramz!  And to make matters worse, it was in front of my friends from work, Dan, and everyone else at the brewery.  I wanted people to calm the eff down and totally tried to brush it off like I was fine.  I was so embarrassed.  I tried to be like:

I was super thankful for the people there to help me out, even though there was this one chick I didn't know who's a nurse talking to me SUPER slow like, "Hi, do you know you fainted?"  And I was on the ground like:

But then everyone wanted me to go to the Emergency Room.  I didn't even hit my head, and I really just wanted to go home:

But Dan and one of our brewery family members took me to the ER.  And I had to explain that I'm an idiot and didn't hydrate enough while taking antihistamines and decongestants.  FAIL.  They wanted to give me a CAT scan, but I was lucid enough to know that is expensive shit, and I was already worried about how much this SNAFU would cost me.  Not to mention they needed to draw blood and I'm terrified of needles:

And then because my little veins were all constricted from my idiotic dehydration, it took two nurses FIVE attempts to find a vein, resulting in three blown veins as depicted in this actual photo:

My actual arm and bruises.

When people saw these bruises in public later, I felt all like:

So basically I decided to be a hermit for the better part of three days, drinking Gatorade and living on the sofa.  Basically, I was like:

Finally, I felt good enough to put the fainting spell behind me and start to live life normally again.  Sure, everyone's going to be force-hydrating me for weeks and looking at me like I might faint at any moment.  But I figured I might as well just move on and not make that mistake again.

Then I found out more than one person was disappointed that my fainting was not a side effect of pregnancy.  And I was like!!!

I knew it was time for another edition of My Life in GIFs.  You're welcome.
P.S. THANK YOU to my wonderful friends and boyfriend for taking care of me during this unfortunate event.  It sucked, but I had the best help anyone could ask for.

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  1. UGH!! !THAT SUCKS! This has happened to me about 3x bc i NEVER hydrate enough (one would think I would learn after the first or even second time...but nope. Never. I have never considered, though, how allergy meds palyed a my case it was just several days where I didn't cosume enough liquid or threw in glasses of wine where I should have had water. UGH. It is the worst. I have terrible veins also, but unfortunately have to get blood drawn every couple months.A good tip is to ask them to try your hands. A lot of phlebotomists will listen to you because they don't want to to stab stab stab! Hands are generally pretty veiny by nature.

  2. I totally had a beer instead of a water right before I fainted, too. Funny you mention hands, because my 5th IV attempt was successful on my wrist. Close enough to hand, right? I'm phobic of needles so it was a nightmare.


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