Saturday, May 18, 2013


Arizona is gorgeous.  You can drive thirty minutes and see like three different kinds of landscapes.  A couple hours from Phoenix is Sedona, which I'd only driven through before.  Sissy decided it would be fun for us to go hiking in the beautiful red rock formations.

We went to Bell Rock for our hike.  I am incredibly out of shape, but the rock was really easy to grip with any kind of shoes.

This is Bell Rock.  Blogger wouldn't let me rotate my photo so this is a substitute.  (source)

What I liked once we got higher in the hike was how peaceful and quiet it was.  Gorgeous!!!

Seriously, no filter.  This is straight from the camera.

Sedona itself is very touristy, with lots of psychics and the whole crystal vortex thing.  Lots of shops and restaurants too!  We even stopped at a Native American market just north of town, where it started to look like a forest!  (Closer to Flagstaff it feels like you're out East.)

It was a gorgeous day in Arizona!

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