Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Phoenix, the Encore

When I returned to Tucson after my week on business, I had the most indulgent afternoon at the Joya Spa at Montelucia.  It was the nicest spa I'd ever been to.  I enjoyed lunch sunning on their private terrace, took a dip in the pool, explored the steam rooms and sauna (there's even an ice shower!), and took a refreshing cat nap in their Whisper Zone.  That's right, there's a room just for napping, with plush beds and curtains.  Sigh.

Sissy hooked me up for sure, treating me afterward to some sliders and a shake at Chicago Hamburger Co.  You guys, this was better than In-N-Out Burger.

I had two cheese burgers sliders and a super-thick vanilla shake.  We split some fries.  It may have been my favorite meal in Arizona!  The quality of it all was fantastic.  We stayed until closing (it's only open until 8pm, closed on Sundays) devouring it.  This place may not look like much on the outside, but inside you're transported to Chicago.  If I come back, I'll try a hot dog!  They have beef franks that look awesome.
Chicago Hamburger Co. on Urbanspoon

We also checked out Singh Farms, Taliesin West (post to follow later!), and had an evening of drinks at The Duce.

Singh Farms
I've gotta say, The Duce is a fascinating concept.  Think open warehouse space converted into hipster playground.  There's a second-hand store, prohibition-era cocktails in Mason jars, mini cakes and pies, ping pong tables, and plenty of space to mingle amongst the mix-n-match furniture.  Serious hipster dreamland.

The Duce (source)

I had a great time in Phoenix with my sister... and I'll be spending another weekend with her (and more family!) soon in sunny Los Angeles!

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