Thursday, April 11, 2013


After a full day of volunteering at Bridgestone Arena, our little group was given the ultimate treat...  a delicious dinner at Palm.

Located literally adjacent to the arena, this restaurant has a dark, old-school steakhouse feel with walls covered in celebrity caricatures.  I imagine the Nashville location has more country music stars than others; they are located all over the country.  But still classic charm.


I had great and attentive service the entire time, with delicious drinks and foods.  Seriously, GREAT service.  We all shared side dishes, since they come in family-style plates... brussel sprouts, creamed spinach, potatoes au gratin.  I don't eat a ton of green veggies, but the creamed spinach is something I could come around to.

Love a sugar rim on a cocktail!

I chose the chicken parmigiana, not feeling in the mood for steak, but my group's meals all looked amazing.  I will say that I think I enjoyed this meal immensely knowing that the big price tag wouldn't be my responsibility.

I was already digging in when I snapped a cell phone pic.  LOL!

I think Palm is a fancy, great steakhouse downtown.  You won't have the best steak of your life, but the ambiance is perfect for special night out.  The food is all great, albeit on the expensive side.  Definitely worth trying at least once, if you're interested in a great first date, anniversary meal, or other special occasion.  Also heard it's a great power lunch for fancy executive types.

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