Saturday, April 6, 2013

Asheville, Day 4: Beer!

Our last full day in Asheville was all about beer.  Really!

While we kicked off our late start at the Tupelo Honey Cafe (review here), we spent just as much time in local store Bruisin' Ales, so we could take home some of the more rare brews that aren't dstributed in Tennessee.  At first Duke was hesitant to go; beer stores are kid-in-candy-store to him.  But in the end, he knew he'd regret not going!  So we picked up some great stuff... including the new Game of Thrones beer to drink during the show's upcoming season premiere.

We also hit up Wedge Brewing, at a friend's reco, a local brewery in a quirky, artistic setting.  It was eclectic and fun; there was cornhole set up outside, a mix of so many different people stopping in...  just a unique brewery with some great beer.

To wind down our day of beer, we sampled a ton of beer at Wicked Weed Brewing, as well as dinner.  It was perfection.  (Check out my review here.)

We now know why Asheville is a Beer City USA.  Everywhere we went, local brews were available, and there are a dozen other breweries we didn't get to see.  There's more for us to come back and experience for sure.

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