Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Food About Town #3

Wild Horse Saloon (credit)
More places I've eaten... because I'm a glutton.  :)

Sperry's:  I had a great business dinner here, and it's definitely a hidden gem within a strip mall in Franklin.  The minute you walk in, you're transported into dark, wood-paneled hideaway.  I had a crab cake appetizer, delicious steak, and tasty dessert.  I'm not sure I'll ever go back, because it is a fancy-pants joint, but it's an good old school steakhouse for sure.

Wild Horse Saloon:  I went to another work function at Nashville's Wild Horse Saloon downtown, and even though our meal was catered, I loved it!  Fried pickles and nachos to BBQ to a tasty gouda ravioli... yum.  I also liked the live music and country line dance instruction.  This place is a a TOTAL TOURIST TRAP, so be prepared for it to be cheesy.  I preferred it for the private party that we had upstairs, probably wouldn't go for dinner myself otherwise.

Boscos:  I liked Boscos.  It's a great restaurant if you want a large beer selection, and I liked their appetizers and menu.  It's a nice atmosphere for a post-work happy hour or dinner, and they have a few locations.  I had the lasagna and it was pretty good!

Wholy Crepe:  I love crepes!  And this cute little restaurant in Franklin delivers a ton of options that are pretty good.  I went for a breakfast type crepe, as well as a little dessert one to take away.  I'll definitely be heading back.

Molinari's:  I LOVE GARLIC.  This is probably the best Italian food I've found in the Franklin area, located in a strip mall in Cool Springs.  A coworker recommended this place, because she knows I love garlic.  The bread at Molinari's comes with TONS of minced garlic on it.  I'm talking a clove per roll, at least.  It's fantastic.

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