Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend in Tennessee

Mom & Dad came down to visit me for the long Thanksgiving weekend.   We definitely kept busy!

We had a Thanksgiving lunch at Whole Foods, before we headed home to make sure our turkey dinner was ready to go... I had turkey breast, roasted red potatoes, homemade noodles, green beans, sweet corn, and yeast rolls on the menu.  I even had pumpkin pie as a dessert.  I'd say it was a pretty decent first attempt at a small Thanksgiving meal by me, perhaps a grade B.

That evening, we continued a typical holiday family tradition by heading the movies, this time to see the new James Bond Skyfall.  We really enjoyed it!

I had to, um, taste.

Turkey Breast, Homemade Noodles, Sweet Corn, Green Beans, Red Potatoes, Yeast Rolls

Friday morning, I made some Upside-Down Cinnamon-Apple Coffee Cake, which was super easy and a big hit with my parents.  We needed that energy because Mom dragged me out of the house for a morning of Black Friday shopping.  Fortunately, the Franklin area that morning wasn't as crowded; I think by 8 am the deal-hunters were already finished storming the retailers.

In the afternoon, we headed to downtown Nashville to tour the Country Music Hall of Fame.  I had been there before, but I wanted Dad to have a chance to see it.  And it just so happened that Craig Morgan was giving a free concert, so Dad was happy to stay around to hear his entire set.

Country Music Hall of Fame
Post-concert, we walked up and down Broadway, listening to the live music pour out of the honkytonks. The lights were on because it gets dark so early.  I made us reservations to eat at local favorite Puckett's downtown location.  Mom devoured her pulled chicken sliders and sweet potato fries.
Craig Morgan Concert

Saturday, we toured Franklin's Carter House and Lotz House, historic homes that were damaged but survived the bloody Battle of Franklin.   Dad is a history buff, and I think he really liked them both.  Mom preferred the ornate wood carved furniture and ornate porcelain pieces at Lotz House, while I preferred the Carter House with its more extensive grounds.

 Carter House
Lotz House
It was a jam-packed weekend, but they even found time to help me decorate for Christmas!  Our family is passing through here during the holidays, so we may end up opening gifts at my place.  Glad I could decorate a little to get into the spirit.

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