Sunday, September 23, 2012

#StyleMeSeptember ... I suck at this!

So I haven't done well with following along with outfit posts every day.  I was traveling for a week with work, so I just kind of did what I could.  Here are a couple... I got a lot of compliments, too!  It made me realize that the days I put an effort into planning and accessorizing an outfit, people notice.

If anything, this has made me think more before I get dressed.  Clothes can help you blend in, but they can also help you get noticed in a good way.


Take a Risk


  1. Lovvveee the flats!!! I've been bad too. I think I'll screen shoot every month and do the ones I like or have time for - I have 5 min each morning to put something together. I will be taking phone pics every morning bc I've realized it shows me what works and what needs adjustments far more than just the mirror. I'll link your blog in my next OOTD post bc I've forgotten . :)

  2. I think it's great for ideas, but the only days I get "dressed" are weekdays for work! And sometimes the themes are lame, but they must get exhausted coming up with daily themes for months on end. I enjoyed being pushed a bit.

    The flats are on clearance at Kohl's, Vera Wang. Got them for $15.


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