Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Project Runway... 3 episodes to catch up on! #TeamDmitry

Yikes!  I'm way behind on Project Runway.  Since you've probably already been watching, I won't bore you with the details.  I'll just recap where I stand with the designers.

Lord & Taylor Challenge: I didn't get to watch!  The video online expired!  FAIL.  But based on the runway photos (before I saw the results!)  My favorite was Dmitry, least favorite Alicia and Elena.  Result?  NO ONE was out!  I agree with Christopher... why did the judges decide to save someone this episode?

Starving Artist: The teams for this challenge were rigged.  Seriously, Project Runway.  Too predictable.  But going in, Fabio, Alicia, and Gunnar are my least favorite designers.  So I kind of figured one of them would go home.  Elena is impossible all-around.  On the runway, my favorite team was Sonjia/Christopher/Gunnar, least favorite Dmitry/Elena/Alicia.  Result?  I think Gunnar did the best overall, and Christopher was good to recognize that.  Sonjia did a nice jacket, but I think Gunnar deserved it more.  I agree with Alicia going home, she just wasn't going to win.

It's All About Me: I actually really liked this challenge.   I love the idea of creating your own fabric, like you can on Spoonflower.  In terms of cultural heritage, I wish there was a Korean designer... I would love a modern take on the hanbok!  I also liked that the designers got to see their loved ones; it's such a cutthroat competition, being able to see them let down their guard a little was nice!  I really liked Dmitry's look the best (rocking illusion jacket and print!), even if it is a bit "prim", and Melissa impressed me with something different.  Ven's was my least favorite.  It just looked cheap, though I thought Tim was too hard on him.  Result?  Dmitry won, and Gunnar was out.  It was probably time for Gunnar to go, though he grew on me.

I'm Team Dmitry now, by the way.  This season isn't as clear to me as some others, but for now, that's where I am.

I've also been thinking, what if this show was more like Fashion Star, where we were able to buy the clothing we love?  I want to buy some of these pieces!!! And honestly, the Project Runway designers eventually go on to create things I can't afford.  I want a piece of the design!

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