Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On "Girls"

When I first watched HBO's 'Girls', I was annoyed enough to write about it in my Facebook status, something to the effect of "They should call this show Spoiled Hipster White Girls Who Need Jobs and Perspective".  Not verbatim, but those were my sentiments.  I disliked the lack of diversity (as did TONS of other people) and the comparisons to my still-beloved Sex and the City.

Then I watched the second episode, and still didn't like it.  But something about the rawness of the characters intrigued me.

The girls are selfish, naive, and annoyingly overprivileged.  They get to screw up without major consequences, because somebody else is footing the bill.  They are entitled.  They are flawed.  They frustrated the hell out of me.

But then I saw just how real some of it was.  It's not as much of a fantasy world as SATC was; this shows how girls think.  How we fight.  How we can be so selfish that we blame other people for things that are really our fault.

Not to mention, Lena Dunham basically has the closed thing to my body type I've ever seen on TV... small chest and a bit overweight.  The fact that she shows herself in pretty mortifying adult scenes is something that actually made me respect her a bit more.  It just feels honest.

It's not a realistic world... it's not a documentary.  But it's still raw, and kind of interesting.  It's closer to a certain kind of life than is typically shown on TV, and I respect that.

'Girls' isn't my favorite show.  But if I can watch it, I will.  It's growing on me... but I still kind of wish they would get real job and grow up a bit.

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  1. OMG- I love this show! We randomly started watching it the other night & watched the whole season over the weekend! I'm anticipating the next season!


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