Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Jersey's Back! #RHONJ

Oh, RHONJ... it's been too long.

The Jersey Housewives are enjoying their summer, most of them headed to the Shore!  Here's where things seem to stand...

Kathy is still boring.

Caroline has menopause, but she's trying to blame it on stress and drama.  Come on, you're still my favorite matriarch.  Embrace your change!

Jacqueline and Chris are finally giving good-for-nothing brat Ashley the boot.  She's seriously a spoiled, selfish brat that has been milking her parents/stepparents for entirely too long.  Good for the Lauritas for standing up.

Melissa and Joe are renovating their beach house, and Joe brings them there when it is totally uninhabitable!  They end up crashing with Kathy... and cousin Rosie is there too!  Cousin Rosie is awesome and hilarious.

And now... for the circus clowns.  I feel like things are pretty dull with the other housewives (except for the fact that Melissa and Joey could have their own show with guest cast the Wakiles/Rosie), so it all revolves around terrible lies and drama created by the Giudices.  Teresa is back in all her ridiculousness, Joe is still a pig, and her girls remain possibly the worst-behaved children on television.

Seriously, I wonder if Teresa goes back and rewatches episodes to listen to what a liar and idiot she is.  Her mispronunciations of things, misunderstandings, and other ramblings are just awful.  If she doesn't get her comeuppance this season, I might have to rethink watching this show at all.  Then I'll just be down to one Real Housewives show.

Save me, Andy Cohen!

P.S. What's with the pack of wolves that Joe was feeding at the Giudice house?  Guard dogs?

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  1. Can we also add how horrible Joe talks to his children while they were in the car? Awful! No wonder those girls act the way they do!


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