Monday, April 23, 2012

Instagram & Friends

I don't maintain a point-and-shoot camera anymore.  I have my iPhone on me at all times, and I have a DSLR for when I want to get super fancy.  And now, with the amazing apps out there, you can create incredible photo creations to share via social media!

Ever wonder which apps to use for the coolest filters, adding text, making collages, or editing?  Here are the ones I'm using...

Instagram:  Instagram is a photo app and social media destination in one.  They have some of the coolest filters out there, and it's 100% free!   I'm showed up late to Instagram, at the urging of my cousin S, and now I understand why Facebook shelled out the big bucks to purchase it.  You can follow friends with the app to keep up with their photos, and share yours simultaneously to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Phonto:  Another free app, Phonto allows you to add text (in varying sizes, fonts, and shapes) to your photos!  I love this for adding a little more flair to your photo.  It can also import directly into Instagram or Twitter.

Diptic:  I credit my friend Nicole for this one!  I have been trying to figure out how to create little photo collages to share on Instagram, without resorting to Photoshop on my laptop.  While it does cost $0.99, that's nothing when you think of all the possibilities!

Photoshop Express:  An honorable mention, I still sometimes use this free Adobe app for quick editing, though less and less since iPhone updated its camera app to allow cropping and other functions.

In fact, I'm super happy with the iOS updates for the camera, allowing quick access without having to unlock the phone itself.  Love it!  It's no wonder I use my iPhone camera all the time now... it has better resolution than my first digital camera, and it's super convenient.  Go Apple!

Now to accumulate enough photos to create some amazing Instagram products, like what's offered at Printstagram.

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