Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Sew Weekly @sewweekly

Yes, another sewing post... stop reading here if you're annoyed. 

I can't remember how I found The Sew Weekly.  I think I was Googling 'sewing blogs' or 'how to sew and not screw it up completely' when I stumbled upon this gem.  And now I just can't get enough!  I mentioned it in yesterday's post, but I felt the site itself deserved its own recognition.

On The Sew Weekly, there is a weekly sewing theme/challenge, which is meant to inspire you to create 52 wardrobe pieces in a year.  There is the Sewing Circle, which is a great forum/community for people to support each other and ask for/give advice.  There are also great articles with sewing tips, general information, and photographs of all the items that different contributors are making.

One of my favorites features, which I discovered via Pinterest, was the Make This Look thread.  Taking looks from stores like Modcloth and Anthropologie, they find similar patterns and fabrics so you can make your own apparel inspired by current fashion.  I love it because it opens my eyes to the possibilities of what you can do when you sew your own clothes; you don't have to be a Grandma to own a sewing machine!

Inspired by the women who contributed last year, I signed on as a contributor for 2012!  My goal is to be one of the five featured contributors at some point throughout the year, but I'm happy to be one of the many posting.  Let's see if I can keep it up, and learn more about sewing along the way.

P.S.  My next mini sewing project?  Preserving the patterns I love with fusible interfacing.

My first contribution!

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