Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Lately: Doing, Appreciating, Designing, Humming, Expecting

Photos on my desk at work, reminding me of my family!

I'm doing a better job of networking and seeing friends.  I went to a networking event this week for people in my industry (focused on women) and on Friday I went to an after-work house party at a coworker's.  Next week?  Girl date with some local friends that I don't get to see that often.  Grad school ate into my social life for a while, but now I am pushing myself to get out there more, vs. staying home all the time with my laptop and Netflix binges.

One of my best friends just moved away from here, so that will be an adjustment.  She stayed with us for a couple of nights, the last of a very full summer of guest room guests!  She snapped this photo of our guest room when she was with us.

I'm appreciating my kitties. Because they are snuggly!

I've been doing a lot of web design work for DAR lately!  Right now I'm in domain name issues purgatory (this happens every time I do a big redesign, y'all, I'm the worst) but here is my new chapter DAR page if you're curious about what we do and what I've been working on!  Someone recently told me that DAR is like girl scouts for grownups, and it's kind of true.  Lots of parallels!

I'm humming the Hamilton soundtrack EVERYWHERE.  I just can't stop listening.  Lately, "Satisfied" is my fav, but I can't get the rap bits down.  It's to the point that I'm reading the awesome biography upon which the musical was based.  (Sidenote: I love biographies.)  How can I love a musical so much that I haven't seen yet?

I don't know what to expect lately.  I'm just kind of taking it as it comes!  I saw this awesome "quote" recently that is kind of my new mantra:


  • On the Blog:  I blogged about my trip to the Outer Banks, both what we did and what we ate.
  • On Twitter:  It's yet another test weekend for the new Titanfall video game, and I HATE that my husband plays it.  It's not the game itself, but the strong vibration of the controller that literally keeps me awake at night even if it's in the other room.
  • On Instagram:  Kitten pictures of my babies, including this precious one of Bear.
  • On Pinterest:  I don't need more clothes, but I am loving florals right now.

What are you up to this Sunday?

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