Monday, August 22, 2016

Outer Banks: Beach Wedding Vacay

I had a quick getaway to the Outer Banks recently for my friend's wedding.  Since Dan couldn't go with me, I traveled with a couple of friends of the bride!  We stayed in a condo in Corolla, North Carolina... what a cute place!  I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a beach bum... sand isn't my fav.  But the sunsets on these beaches were amazing, and we made good use of the pool at the bride's vacation home!

There was a good deal of pool time... but I avoided sunburn by staying in the shade and wearing sunscreen!  The bride, my friend V, had the genius idea of renting a big vacation home for the wedding, but staying in it all week and having friends over to hang out and party.  Unlike most weddings, where you barely get to spend time with the happy couple, this one was one long pre-party leading up to the big night!

Since one of V's friends was an OBX aficionado, we also did a drive of the coast down to Nagshead.  We saw dunes, and even a lighthouse.  We also ate seafood and shopped at beachy boutiques.

As for the wedding itself?  Perfection.  Sunset on the beach, barefoot, then a big party!  So much fun, and so laid back too.  Everyone had so much fun that half the guests ended up in the pool, no joke.  Tons of dancing too, all in celebration of two really great people and families coming together.

My roomies, a.k.a. new friends!

First dance, the groom had already changed back into shorts! OBX style

For someone who isn't into beaches, I sure had a lot of fun for the three short days I spend in OBX.  I told Dan I'd love to go back... maybe someday!

My thoughts on an OBX vacation...

  • Nagshead/Duck/Kitty Hawk/Corolla are only about a 2 hour drive form Norfolk Airport, so I was able to fly Southwest (with a connection) for a decent price.  Woohoo!
  • Rental cars seem to be a must, and the grocery stores are ALWAYS packed.  So if you're road-tripping, pack some food to bring with you!
  • Most people rent beautiful houses (some with pools and private beach access) for a week, so you can relax and do activities at your leisure.  And having a tent to put over part of the pool for some shade?  Money.
  • The ocean is cold.  I've been spoiled by my relatives in Hawaii into thinking that ocean water can/should be clear and warmer.  But that doesn't mean it isn't worth getting your feet wet!
  • Things I wish I could have done: Wild horse tour/viewing, paddleboarding on the Sound side (fewer waves), seeing the Dunes park, more beach time, more Duck Donuts!  (Don't worry... I'll be covering the food later!)

What's your favorite beach?

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