Monday, August 1, 2016

Budgeting Bloggers: July 2016

I'm back with my monthly shopping haul!  July meant a new quarter, meaning $500 for the next three months.  I spent a little more than I planned, but that's mainly because I needed to use some credits AND I got charged for a service I was trying.  Here's what I bought.

  1. Pinup Couture Amanda Dress in Red White & Blue (originally $142, paid $114 during sale):  Since I attend so many DAR events that scream patriotism, I'd had my eye on this dress for a long time... especially since its the namesake dress of my IRL fellow Nashville blogger Amanda!  The dress is perfect, and I love the lining and weight... I'm going to have to buy more dresses from PUG in the future!
  2. Fab Floral Designer Blazer ($70):  I had a ModCloth credit from last year to use, so I used it here... but I'm charging it to this month since I never charged it to Budgeting Bloggers last year!  I had been looking for something on ModCloth for which to use the credit, and I thought this blazer was perfect for work.
  3. Chloe + Isabel Geovista Convertible Pendant Necklace (originally $52, spent $0 with Poshmark credits):  I saw this necklace (which matches my earrings and bracelets from June) but it sold out during the Semi-Annual sale from the brand.  So when I saw it on Poshmark, and had plenty of credits to get it for free, I said why not?  It was only $18 on clearance, but I missed it...  oh well, because Poshmark credits are FREE!
(not pictured)
  • Le Tote fee ($64 w/tax and shipping):  Check out my review of Le Tote here.  Meh.  I wish this hadn't hit my budget this month, brutal "loss" in my opinion.  Didn't keep anything, either!

$248 spent -  $52 sold = $196 total spent in July

Quarter Budget: $500 - $196 in July = $304 remaining

Overall, I love the pieces I ended up buying, because I think I will really use them!  I've got my eye on more dresses because the quality of the PUG dress was so good.  I think it was last year I thought about buying one dress per month, but I never ended up sticking to it.  Maybe I'll go back to that.  In the summer, all I can think about are dresses, because they allow for more air circulation.  It's been hot as Hades lately.

What did you buy this month?
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