Friday, August 12, 2016

Snapshots: 1st Wedding Anniversary

On August 1st, Dan and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary!  Since it was a fun trip down memory lane, I figured I would share a few personal snapshots here from our date night.

We started off with a quick visit to the park where we had our wedding ceremony, The Park at Harlinsdale Farm.  I put my wedding dress on initially, but it was rainy and super hot, so I decided not to wear it that night after all.  But it was still special!

Then we had an amazing meal at the restaurant that hosted our wedding dinner, Red Pony.  We saw our server from the wedding, received custom menus that wished us a happy anniversary, and really soaked up the place.

We finished the night with cupcake versions of our wedding cake, from The Sweet Stash.  (Our entire cake was devoured last year, so we didn't freeze anything!)  The bakery sells cupcakes at the Nashville Farmers Market, and they usually carry the almond vanilla "wedding cake" flavor that we had for our wedding.  I picked up a couple of them, added our Bear & Bourbon wedding toppers, and we enjoyed a literal taste of our wedding, a year later.

I don't think we'll necessarily do this as a tradition year after year, but it was really fun to kind of relive the sequence of our wedding.  I think that it helped us kind of soak it all in slowly over the course of an evening, and we were really focused on one another (no distractions!).  We noticed a lot of details, for example in the restaurant, that we hadn't noticed in the blur of the wedding day.  We talked really candidly and reminisced, and I think we both remarked on how special that day was for us, and how perfect.

Happy Anniversary, Dan!!!
I'm grateful to have you.

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