Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Tenors

I was supposed to post this in February... yeah, oops.
My friend VB and I both enjoy attending concerts, so when she asked if I would join her to see The Tenors at TPAC (formerly the Canadian Tenors) I said yes immediately!  I'd never heard their music before, but how could I resist four hot guys singing opera?

I was a little nervous when I saw a bunch of relatively older ladies wearing their TFF scarves (think Josh Groban's Grobanites), but knowing that they had such a dedicated following was a good sign.

It was one of the most moving performances I have seen in a long time.  I was almost moved to tears at a couple of points.  "Nessun dorma" was the song they did that I had been hoping for, and it was better than when I heard it at the Met in Turandot!  VB was thrilled that they sang "Hallelujah" as their encore, as it was her favorite by far.

What a great night, with a fantastic view of the stage!
P.S.  I told VB I wasn't gonna toss this photo up on Facebook and I just wanted it for my annual photo album, but it's one of my fav pics from February so #sorrynotsorry that I put it on the BLOG.  I mean, we're super cheesing AND you can see a crazy fan with a TFF scarf behind us.  xoxo
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