Sunday, March 23, 2014


Heading to Minneapolis in March was not my choice...  after all, it's FREEZING up there!  But knowing that a chance work trip would result in seeing my North Dakota relatives, I was happy to venture up there on St. Patrick's Day.  I stayed at the W Minneapolis - The Foshay, a posh and modern hotel with an abnormally dark lobby, but I guess it's all about the ambiance!  The room was great, with a fancy little pink bar and big windows.  The bathroom was beautiful too.

We decided to stick to the hotel area to eat, so we ate at the Keys Cafe, a local chain of cafe/bakeries that serve breakfast all day!  I had eggs and turkey sausage, with some sourdough and their delicious homemade strawberry jam.  Then they told us about their dessert case, and I had to have some warm apple pie a la mode.  I suppose I should have looked at the portion size, because it was HUGE.  All the desserts and portions were big, and the prices very reasonable.  It felt like a diner, but with a fantastic bakery to boot.
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We then headed up to the bar at the top of the W, Prohibition, which as windows that provide a 360-degree view of the skyline around the building.  It was beautiful!  There were lounge areas all over, definitely a neat space to mingle.  It really picked up as it got later, with a pretty hip crowd stopping by for $15 cocktails.  I had An Epiphany, with Grey Goose La Poire vodka, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, sparkling wine, and an orchid garnish.  An ORCHID.  Okay, so that's why the cocktail costs $15.  Delicious, refreshing, and yum.  Definitely on par with the pricey drinks in Nashville at places like Patterson House.
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One thing about Minneapolis that really impressed me was the Skyway system.  While I was surprised by the number of homeless people wandering the Skyway (then again, it is COLD outside) I was more pleasantly happy to find that I didn't have to carry my heavy coat everywhere.  I could walk blocks and blocks without every going outside, navigating the maze.  There are also coffee shops and quick service restaurants all throughout, which is great for a caffeine fix.  I also really liked the big City Target store!

Also, I felt super cool for using Uber for the first time!  It's one of those use-your-phone-to-call-a-towncar apps that shows you what cars are near you, pays the fare/tip via your phone (Paypal, credit card, etc.), and you know what your wait time is.  I really like that you can drop a pin on a map and they come to you, vs. hailing a cab in an unfamiliar city on your own.  I also think it's great that you get a photo of your driver for safety.
This is the only business trip I've ever made to Minneapolis, and I honestly hope it's not the last.  I hear it's a great place to visit in summer, and the foodie scene is booming.  It seems to be a pretty young and hip city, and I like it!
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  1. Glad you enjoyed the land of 10,000 (frozen over) lakes! Next time you're up in these parts, swing up to North Dakota! I'm always up for a blate! :)

  2. My relatives were saying the same thing! My family lives in Mandan area so I'd probably fly into Bismarck if I ever make it up there... but I don't think that's super far from you, in North Dakota terms! I also have a friend in Grand Forks.


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