Saturday, March 8, 2014

I want new glasses!

There was nothing stylish about my glasses growing up.  I feel like my Mom always erred on the side of affordable and practical.  So when I got LASEK, I was thrilled to ditch my frames.

Now, coming up on almost 10 years since eye surgery, I need glasses for driving at night and viewing details on projection screens in meetings.  I know I'm just a step away from needing to wear them all the time... but I'm not too bothered about it.  I actually like how I look for glasses (finally!) and have been shopping around for new prescription frames for a while.
Nash by Warby Parker... but I'm scared to try on more because I didn't like ANY of the five I picked before!
I've mostly been looking at Warby Parker and BonLook, because both seem to be reasonably priced and very stylish.  I tried on five Warby Parker frames that were shipped for free to my home, but they mostly didn't fit my head size.  I really want to find some that are simultaneously nerdy and stylish, which I'm convinced is my personality.  Tres hipster.  I also wouldn't mind a pair that are similar to the Army ones I accidentally sent through the wash.

I really liked BonLook's Perfect Fit Questionnaire.  It was simple and visual, and I think it yielded a lot of results that I really liked!  I also love that they feature bloggers, like Kendi Everyday, wearing their stuff.
Glamazon by BonLook, one of my suggested frames
I'm attracted most to the thicker, almost cat-eye frames.  I'd go straight cat-eye, but I'm not confident enough to pull it off daily or at work!  I need to take the time to go try some on, and find out that weird pupil measurement thing for my eyes.  I like the variety presented online, and I find more frames that I like than at a optometrist's, but I'm still sometimes scared to order in case I don't like the frames.  What's a girl to do?
Dylan by BonLook, another suggested frame
Honeybadger by BonLook, frames that I found because I liked the Dylan
What do you guys think?  Should I try some of these?

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  1. I love all of them but I think my favorite is the first pair of glasses and I am sure that they would look great on you!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog, and I'm so glad that I did! I have been looking for new glasses as well - mine are small and square. I love the third pair you selected!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  3. DO IT! Get the cat eyes! People always look at me with mine and say oh I could never wear those. Also... how long is lasik supposed to last?

  4. :) I really need to get some of these on my face and try them out, right? At least these days with the internet and all you can get glasses for a steal compared to the old days.

  5. The 3rd pair is a fav of mine!

  6. LASIK should last for ages and ages. But when you're in the Army with terrible eyes and your prescription has stabilized for a few years, it makes sense to go ahead and get them zapped at age 21. After all, I get to have my eyesight fixed during the years I'm most active.

    That said, I think that if you get LASIK in your 20s, you should be prepared to eventually have reading glasses as you age naturally, unless you get a touch-up. My parents, who got it in their 50s, should pretty much be good for life. I think it's part of the natural aging process. I also think that my need to wear glasses at night has quite a bit to do with eye strain from working at a computer all day too. I've never had great night vision, even before LASEK. So that is part of it too.


  7. Thanks Aubrey! I think everyone can. Glasses are such an easy accessory.

    That makes total sense. Just the natural aging of the eye causing you to need reading glasses. My uncle had LASIK several times, but he had an accident that essentially fried his eyes as a child. I knew that was unusual for LASIK. I've read several studies about how heavy computer usage is making our society nearsighted, so it's interesting that you attribute your issues at night to that. Probably spot on.

  8. I had the tight on my face thing too! I may go to Imogene and Willie to try on the Warby frames in person.


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