Monday, March 31, 2014

Pentatonix at the Ryman

Back in November when VB and I were experiencing our 2nd annual Straight No Chaser date, we went ahead and bought presale tickets for another a cappella group, Season 3 of The Sing Off's winners, Pentatonix.  Never heard of them?  Allow me to interrupt this post with one of my favorite medleys of theirs, Evolution of Beyonce.

Our normal pre-concert ritual is to meet for Mexican food, but this time VB treated me to an early birthday meal of white sangria and delicious tacos at Local Taco.  (I finally got to taste the delish Korean BBQ tacos after my last visit!)  YUM!  She even had a lovely card for me.

From there, it was off to the Ryman, most definitely my favorite venue in Nashville.  Even though you squish together in the old church pews, the acoustics rock!  To quote VB, the place sounded like a high school.  The crowd was young and completing fangirling over Pentatonix.  We must admit, we aren't superfans (who showed up with posters and screamed randomly throughout), but we enjoy talented artists and the art of a cappella.  THIS CONCERT WAS AWESOME.

First off, each individual member of the group is phenomenally talented.  From their super deep bass who can sing two tones at once, to their beatboxer who can play cello, to their main vocalists who can imitate autotune and electronic overlays to their sound, it was unreal to hear such big numbers come out of just five people.

(Note:  Now I subject you to blurry iPhone photos of the concert, once again proving I was there but forcing you to wonder why I even post them.  Oh well.)

They even broke away from true a cappella to feature some cello.  Again, intensely cool!  It was entertaining the entire way through, and I especially loved singing along to their awesome covers.  (They opened with their Daft Punk number, which went viral on YouTube.)
I'm glad I got to see this group live, and I'll continue to follow their progress to see how they change the misconceptions of what a cappella is all about!
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  1. You made me want them! :) I had to get them after you told me to.

  2. Fun, @Aubrey!! I love Pentatonix!! AMAZINGLY talented!!

  3. Very cool group - thanks for the intro!

  4. Truly talented young people. And two of them have a YouTube channel called Superfruit that I'm a little obsessed with. LOL

  5. Yay! I was so impressed with their show, can't believe they sang for so long with just a few breaks. Also glad Kevin got to show off his cello. Loved the PTXperience episode where they came up with the idea to use the piano feature to get their starting note for one of the songs!

  6. Their show was very impressive for sure. I don't know how they maintain that pace and their voices. I think it's also fun to see their personalities come out more on stage than they did on TV.


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