Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cozy Wall Art Review

A while back, the super nice folks at Cozy Wall Art let me choose a vinyl wall decal to try out.  I'm a fan of these decals because I don't feel like painting (and upon moving out, repainting) my apartment, and these are a really great way to jazz up your walls.  I chose a little family of owls (owls remind me of my Great Aunt Marie and Harry Potter) in brown to complement my guest bathroom.
As you may recall, we keep our toilet paper in Tupperware... LOL

For a long time, I didn't put the decal up (sorry!), because I thought I would need Dan's help... and then I felt awful for waiting so long to do this post.  So I decided to take the project on myself.  And you know what?  It was WAY easier than I thought!
Reading instructions
Cozy Wall Art includes detailed instructions on how to make things go smoothly.  At first, I wasn't having luck getting the decal to stick; then I saw their note about textured walls, and trying a soft cloth over whatever you're using to rub it on the wall.  IT WORKED!  Even those little eyes and that little flying owl that aren't a part of the main big piece were a breeze.  Perfect!
During application...
Cozy Wall Art is also on Etsy, so you can browse (and customize colors) to your heart's content.  They have quotes, animals, shapes, and can even do custom names.  I feel like these are perfect for nurseries and kids rooms (where kids might outgrow a design and want to peel and change them out over time) or apartments where you're looking for something to be an easy on/off addition to your walls.  Great for renters!  They even have CAT designs.  Cats, people!  Meow.  Check out Cozy Wall Art for more design ideas.
Mission Accomplished!
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P.S.  Thinking of adding some art to your walls?  Don't forget about my poster giveaway, ending this Friday!


  1. All my friends with babies are pretty obsessed with similar things. I love the idea and am glad to see it in a context that isn't babies. THis shows they are more universal.

  2. I have more in my room... birdcages and a Jane Eyre quote. :) Not just for nurseries!


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