Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tupelo Honey Cafe

Tupelo Honey Cafe stood out to me when I was researching restaurants in Asheville.  I heard that it was a great Southern food experience!

Duke and I slept in on our last full day in Asheville, so we thought we'd end up there for brunch.  Instead we chose to have "lunch" instead!

The place was definitely busy.  We had a short wait, but it seemed like they moved pretty fast.  I think we had good timing for the restaurants in Asheville, because it seemed like every time we were seated a big line suddenly formed behind us!

We started off with drinks... I had the house special Rosemary Peach Lemonade.  It was heavenly, like ambrosia.  Duke had the "Ode to Muddy Pond", a Maker’s Mark bourbon, Tennessee’s Muddy Pond sorghum, muddled basil and Blenheim ginger ale.  It got his bartender approval!

They immediately brought us two of the biggest, most delicious biscuits I've ever had in my life, even after years in Savannah, the land of Paula Deen!  The blueberry jam was so good, I tried to buy a jar to take home.  Sadly, they were sold out, so I had to settle for strawberry.  But the blueberry was so unique!

We kicked off our meal with the Appalachian Egg Rolls, which were basically pulled pork egg rolls with greens and fixins inside.  Delicious, though between those and the biscuits we were getting pretty full.  The appetizers were definitely made for a larger group.

Duke and I both love grilled cheese and tomato soup.  So we each chose a variation.  I chose a sandwich with Havarti and pimento on Texas toast to dip into my mug of soup.  Duke chose the house special, entitled the "Shoo Grilled Cheese, Have Mercy"!  It had Havarti, pimento, caramelized onions, maple peppered bacon, friend green tomatoes and basil on sourdough wheat bread.  It came with ham, but Duke doesn't eat ham; even without it, the sandwich was a monster!  A delicious monster.

I was hoping that Tupelo Honey Cafe was worth the hype.  Well, it definitely was!  I think we'll end up here again when we return to Asheville.

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