Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Asheville, Day 3: Flurries and Friends

The cold weather in Asheville put a bit of a damper on my vacation; I caught a bit of a bug that wasn't the most fun to deal with.  But I was determined that we would enjoy ourselves, so I loaded up on cold meds and pushed on.

We started our third day with brunch at the Over Easy Cafe. (Check out my review here.)  We just loved how there was so much within walking distance of our hotel, especially good places to eat.

After brunch, we walked around downtown to check out some of the boutiques and shops.  I really liked the walk from Biltmore/Broadway towards the Grove Arcade.  The Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar was definitely a favorite, with its maze of used books.  It was a real gathering place.

We enjoyed our exploration, but the cold weather drove us indoors.  We decided to grab a late afternoon dinner of some warm noodles at Doc Chey's.  (Review here.)  I really liked my noodle dish, though I wished they had some steamed dim sum dumplings.

Since we were meeting up with friends later, we hid out in the hotel for a while so I could try to rest up from my cold.  I think napping became a theme during the trip, but why not take advantage of that on vacation?  We got the munchies later that night, so we grabbed a beer and a slice at Barley's Taproom and Pizzeria across the street.  That held us over before we met up with my friends BU and CB at French Broad Chocolate Lounge.

Chocolate Lounge was hopping!  There was a line to the door for the delectable desserts and more.  Duke got a chocolate stout and chocolate creme brulee, while I got a hot chocolate and lavender creme brulee.  It was such a great place to get comfy and talk to my old high school chums.  It was fun to talk into the night and catch up; how funny to have two girls I ran with in high school in this same town, hours from Indiana!  It was a happy night.

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