Sunday, April 7, 2013

Asheville, Day 5: Sunny Point Cafe

Okay, so there really wasn't an "Asheville, Day 5"... because we knew we'd be checking out in the morning and hitting the road!

But before we left, we wanted to hit up one more Asheville breakfast spot.  My friend CB recommended we head to West Asheville to Sunny Point Cafe, since we'd already checked out Early Girl Eatery, Over Easy Cafe, and Tupelo Honey Cafe.  (Can you tell I love breakfast?)


We were a bit intimidated by the packed parking lot and long line when we arrived, but as a party of two we were quickly seated.  I noticed signs that the place mostly ran on solar power, which I thought was appropriate given the name!

I decided on the MGB (Mighty Good Breakfast) and a tall glass of orange juice.  I think I got spoiled on all of the fresh-squeezed OJ in Asheville; how will I ever go back to grocery juice?  The meal was good too, with great portions, and the service was pretty spot-on.

Duke ordered the Organic Carrot Hot Cakes, and in retrospect should have ordered a short stack... the portions were HUGE!  Topped with cardamom cream cheese, even I couldn't resist veggie-filled pancakes.  I may have to attempt something similar at home.

If I were to come back, I think I might try the Huevos Rancheros, to do something a bit different; a few people near us ordered that, and I had total plate envy!

Oh, and did I mention they even have a breakfast salad?  And tons of vegetarian/vegan options?  Asheville loves breakfast!

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