Sunday, April 14, 2013

Basil's Cafe

Once again, my travels brought me to Northwest Arkansas, where there is always SO much going on!  Seriously.  You have no idea how much cool stuff is here!  I plan to start including more restaurant reviews, because they are excellent.  (I've even found great Korean BBQ here.)


A group of coworkers in town for the same meeting decided to head to Basil's Cafe for a nice team dinner.  Located in the World Trade Center area, it was on the ground floor of a nice office building.  The atmosphere was quiet and luxurious.  The chairs were very comfortable.  Seriously!


We started off with appetizers of edamame hummus and house pimento cheese spread and shrimp eggrolls.  Yum!  I liked that most of the appetizers are made for two, so you could have a date night here and not spoil your appetite before your entree.

Out of the six of us, four people chose blackened sea scallops with  lemon spinach risotto and sweet corn jus.  They raved about it!  I chose another recommendation from the waiter, the Southern Style Kobe burger with pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes, and bacon.  Delish!!!

Snapped this quickpic on the sly during dinner... didn't want my coworkers thinking I'm a weirdo blogger!

I think Basil's Cafe is quiet, chic, and perfect for a couple or group.  It was quiet enough our entire table could talk to one another, which you don't always find at busy restaurants.  They even serve lunch, so there are affordable options all around.

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