Sunday, April 28, 2013

Little Letters

Little Letters...

Dear Duke, you are so good for taking care of the apartment and Bear when I'm traveling like a madwoman for work.  I swear I'll pitch in now that I'm home for a minute!

Dear American Airlines, I avoid you at all costs.  You have had multiple chances.  You know what you did.  I'm sticking to Delta and Southwest.

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Dear Lil Bub, not only are you the most adorable kitty (after my own), but you live in my hometown of Bloomington, Indiana.  Hoosier kitties rock!

Dear Preteen Girls from a Dance Group on my 6am Business Travel Flight, shrieking and playing every ringtone on your iPhone is not appropriate airplane behavior EVER.  I'm just trying to travel for my job, and I know you're excited, but I'd rather listen to a baby wail than the pick-a-little-talk-a-little-cheep-cheep-cheep you showered me with.

Dear Nashville Blogger friends (Kitty Cat Stevens, Old Red Boots, Lladybird, Librarian, & Janae), you made my day when you invited me to meet up.  Nay, you made my WEEK!  It's so hard to find and make friends in a new place, and finding lovely ladies who also love food, cats, and sewing felt like the best blind date ever. :)  Oh and OMG put some Kerfluffles in your mouth NOW!

Dear Sheryl Sandberg, I'm reading Lean In and loving it.  It's like you wrote it all just for me!  I know you didn't, but I'll pretend you did.

Dear Cally, I hope you're having a blast in kitty heaven... where there's no arthritis or pain, plenty of chicken and BBQ pulled pork to eat, and you have a comfy sofa in the sun to rest on while you wait for me to come get you! :)


  1. it was so awesome finally meeting you! it's hard to get everyone together all at once but i hope in the future even more ladies come out <3 i love having such supportive friends near by— i already gushed about it in my post that's going up on wednesday ;-)

    1. I hope so too! I definitely need local friends. :) Especially ones as cool as you ladies.


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